PRS #6 Treble & Bass Humbucker Set



A quick google search reveals that these pickups seem to be “not that desireable” with singlecut owners, however this review is based purely on  direct comparisons with a set of  57/08s (reviewed here) in this USA Paul Reed Smith Single Cut Trem (25″ scale)



Treble (Bridge Humbucker)

Magnet Type -Unknown?

Measured DC – 11.65K ohms

4 conductor cable

Bass (Neck Humbucker)

Magnet Type -Unknown?

Measured DC – 7.87K ohms

4 conductor cable


First impressions on the humbucker set, especially with some high gain distortion, that these are very balanced and clear, with the Treble (Bridge) and Bass (Neck) pickups being respectively Brighter and Warmer. duh! and a well suited choice for a single cut Les Paul style guitar. Not overly hot and compressed or grating, but not muddy and undefined and perfectly adequate to run the myriad of vintage clean,breakup tones to modern high gain.

As expected, coil split tones are fairly anaemic compared to full humbucker mode, especially on clean tones, but these are useable with a nice dollop of gain for different textures of lead and rolled back funky percussive rhythms.


Are these worth the cost vs comparable models from aftermarket brands?

yes and no…as realistically, most PRS owners would be looking at spending $$$ to upgrade, whilst owners of more “budget” priced instruments may find better value for dollar in cheaper alternatives.  If these could be found at a fair decent used price…they are worth a shot if you like an even and balanced EQ spread from a pickup.



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