Dimarzio Air zone and Tone Zone Humbuckers



Air Zone Humbucker

Magnet – Alnico V

Measured DC – 17.44K  ohms

Tone Zone Humbucker

Magnet – Alnico V

Measured DC – 17.32K ohms


Althou the Air Zone is primarily advertised as a Bridge Humbucker, this review will focus on it in the Neck position (see manufacturers notes – http://www.dimarzio.com/pickups/humbuckers/air-zone)

Crystal Clear Cleans with Paf Like character. Warm full bodied bass, this one reminds me very much of the Seymour Duncan Jazz in character. Not overly bassy or muddy/blurry with high gain and plenty of nice harmonics that fade into singing sustain. Think of it as a Paf Pro…but with more “airy”bass and low end;

The Tone Zone in the Bridge position, provided a similiar full bodied character, just brighter and more cutting. Having experienced this pickup in another mahogany solid body Ibanez RG, its character is very pronounced. akin to how, for comparisons sake, a Seymour Duncan JB is instantly recognisable. in fact, id go so far to say as, the Tone Zone could be Dimarzio’s answer to the JB…. but not as aggressive in the high mid peaks. Overall a medium to hot output guitar for players that like fat  rock crunch.





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