Ebay Dual Rail Blade Single Coil pickup

These can be found on ebay  ranging from as low as $7 to $30 (AUD inc postage).

Some simply are listed as no brand/name “Dual Rail” single coil pickups, and some appear to be branded “Musiclily” or “Railblaster”

As a test, 2 sets were purchased from different vendors, ranging for a measly total sum of $14.60AUD delivered…

are these bits of plastic,magnet and wire useable???


MAGNET TYPE – unknown…most likely ceramic

4 conductor cable

Measured DC (black rail version) – 9.87K ohms

Measured DC (Silver rail version) – 9.44K ohms

These were installed into 2 different strats, a FretKing and Fernandes Stone Logo. Both resulted in unexpected and favourable results (it did help to expect the worst)…but if you were  thinking about dual rails, you really werent expecting single coils tones… were you?

So…these pickups have an slight mid scooped voicing, with low end rolloff  + exagerrated high end. Coaxing heavy and hard rock tones on a stratwere no problem, however the high end can get a bit ratty/gritty if not careful with gain levels.

Clean and glassy verge of breakup tones however are actually quite satisfying.

The middle/bridge inbetween sounds, simply became honk city when paired with the middle pickup for the “inbetween” position…which is a trait that is common when splicing in non single coil bridge pickups…and the bridge when coil split on this cheapy didn’t help…very thin and nasal.

Overall…these are actually decent : ) if all you are expecting is a balls out humbucker in single coil package.



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