Entwistle XS62 Middle Single coil (RWRP)

Having been impressed with Entwistle pickpups (see other reviews) when it came time to look at replacement middle position single coils for a Ibanez S470 upgrade, these were a no brainer…especially when the cost was a measley $20AUD including postage to Australia!


Single Coil middle position RW/RP

Magnet – Ceramic

Measured DC – 6.55K ohms

The construction of these pickups are similiar to the XS62N (Neodymium magnet – reviewed here https://electricpickupartist.wordpress.com/2015/03/24/entwistle-xs62n-noiseless-single-coil-set/) meaning that one should check their guitars rout depth measurements. In a thinner bodied S series Ibanez, some minor routing was required in order to fit these taller pickups in.

Soundwise, these are advertised as overwound single coils, but they aren’t as high output as the Neodynium variants. As the Ibanez S470 were fitted with a pair of Dimarzio AirZone and Tone Zone pickups, the hotter XS62 was much easier to balance the output when switching from full neck and bridge humbucker. These somewhat remind me of Tex-Mex single coils, with possibly a bit more aggressive top end cut.

Working with the split inner coils of the Dimarzio humbuckers also added extra needed beef, especially when compared with the anaemic stock INF1S.

If pushed cleans/semi crunch are your liking,.you could go far worse than these offerings from Entwistle.



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