Ibanez Infinity HSH (INF1, INF1s, INF2) set

Stock pickups in mid 90s to late 2000 non-japanese model Ibanez, these are obviously cheaper cost savings compared to IBZ and Dimarzio branded units.

Having owned quite a few ibanez electrics over the years, some really budget, some mid range, some Prestige…and having gone through a quite a few pickup changes with varying results, i thought i would give my recent aquisition…a S470 from 2005-2009 a proper chance before deciding go down the route of aftermarket pickups

Neck INF1 Magnet Type – Ceramic

Measured DC – 8.15K ohms

Middle INFS1 Magnet Type – Alnico 5

Measured DC

Bridge INF2 Magnet Type – Alnico 5

Measured DC – 16.97K ohms

The INF1 Neck Humbucker, have somewhat PAF ish feel, but chords can feel a bit undefined due to a lot of low end.i found adjusting these pickups lower helped alot.

the INFs1 , being the single coil middle position is nothing to write home about on its own… its ok, but really just does its job for inbetween tones with the split humbucker on the 5 way pickup selector

The Bridge INF2 Humbucker reminds me a lot about a certain Tone Zone, but not so in your face…and just smoother in the top end . i think these will suffice for smoother lead playing and are quite suited for higher gain rock and metal playing styles.

All in all, these pickups will be found in a lot used ibanez guitars, as well as most likely the drawers of lots of guitarists who have gone down the aftermarket route. Snag em cheap if you need something to modify or play with pickup magnets swaps. They are useable with piles of distortion on,  but there are of course better aftermarket pickups out there.

If these are in your first guitar, i wouldn’t sweat replacing them at all…rather just concentrate first on playing technique and saving up for a decent amplifier. These pickups are adequate for the job and just be glad they are way better than the dreaded powersound pickups.



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