Fender Vintage Noiseless Tele Single coil neck

“Either love em, hate em….or live with a compromise”

These are my exact thoughts whenever it comes to “noiseless” single coil pickups… Let’s see how these Vintage Noiseless single coil tele neck pickups from Fender fare,..



Single Coil Tele


Measured DC – 11.55K ohms


I will also compare these pickups to a Fender 52 Reissue neck single coil, as that is what these are replacing in this particular guitar.

These Vintage Noiseless single coils  sway towards the bassy and warm end of the eq spectrum and there is also a noticeable top end roll off. In a pure clean setting, the result IMO is a bit underwhelming, lacking sparkle and chime when compared to the 52 RI.


(Left :52 RI / Right : Vintage Noiseless)


As a test (see video below) the gain was piled on in excessive amounts, just to see how the “Noiseless” attributes fare…and the same EQ voicing results in a smoother and compressed top end, which is something I personally like with higher gain settings. The Vintage Noiseless remain relatively quiet and with the amplifier and/or dirt pedal dialed in for a touch more treble bite, these could be quite a useful tool for use in a live or studio environment.

One thing to note, I personally preferred the Vintage Noiseless when paired with bridge pickup, the middle position just seems to balance and even out quite nicely with a brighter bitey’er bridge pickup (in this case a Railhammer Huevos 90)


Sound Samples



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