Artist Guitars BULLBUCKER (Open Coil) Humbucker Set

Open coil version of the Bullbucker set, by Artist Guitars.

This humbucker set is pretty much identical to the chrome covered versions (both are modelled on the famed SD Jazz/JB humbucker set) with some differences to consider other than aesthetics…

eg. removing chrome/nickel covers decreases some capacitance, which results in some perceived top end.



MAGNET – Alnico 5

4 Conductor wiring


Measured DC – 7.37Kohms


Measured DC -15.49K ohms

Wax Potted

the Chrome covered Bullbuckers, reviewed here-  includes a comparison with a Duncan Designed JB equivalent bridge pickup, so in this section, i will focus mainly on the neck pickup

When comparing the Bullbucker Neck to the SD Jazz SH-2 Neck Humbuckers, the DC resistances are so close that the differences are negligible…



However, in terms of tonal outcome, i found the Bullbucker Neck  to have a clearer and not so prominent mid eq character, with no noticeable difference in output. You may find one more suited to your ears but i personally preferred the Bullbucker over the Jazz, for  cleans.

Considering the price these go for a set, these are absolutely bang for buck value that shoot well above their perceived quality/low price point.




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