Artist Guitars BULLBUCKER Chrome Covered Humbucker Set

Artist guitars new Bullbucker pickups, based on the ever so popular SD Jazz/JB models.

Are they a case of “bang for buck” or “you get what you pay for” ???

lets find out…



MAGNET – Alnico 5

4 Conductor wiring


Measured DC – 7.18Kohms


Measured DC -15.36K ohms

“For the money”… you absolutely get a set of humbuckers.

Wax potted humbuckers may I add…and also a  choice of chrome covers or open coils (review coming soon…)

Artist Guitars  take no “bull” approach about what design they were inspired from , and as a very familiar set of models to be based on, the question on everyones minds is…how close are they to the originals?


Very close, slightly better/slightly different…depending on the variables of your setup and ears.

On first impressions, there was no mistaking the bridge position emphasized the same “JB” mid/high mid frequencies. There was nothing to dislike….unless you aren’t a fan of the JB model in the first place.

The Neck position, shares the crystal clear clean with warm low end characteristics of the Jazz model, making it a great match to the brighter bridge position.

(stay tuned for a Jazz Neck comparison video comin soon )

so the verdict –

The Artist Guitars Bullbucker set are an excellent alternative choice for someone looking to upgrade or trial out a new sound.


<see my previous review and comparison of the JB and Duncan designed HB102  and Jazz models>


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