Seymour Duncan SSL-5 Bridge Single Coil

A hot rodded single coil design from some 35+ years ago + a certain affliation with one Mr David Gilmour, its no wonder the SSL5 remains one of Seymour Duncans most popular pickup models



Bridge single coil staggered

Magnet – Alnico 5 rods

Measured DC – 13.3K ohms

Available in standard and tapped version (allows coil tap for lower winds via a 3rd  hot wire) however this review is of the standard version


Keeping in mind, these pickups were designed at a time when amplifiers needed a bit of help pushing the front end, in today’s environment, the SSL-5 still has its place. Particularly suited to those who are seeking something more than the thinner tone associated with the bridge position of a stratocaster,  the SSL-5s imprint a darker and beefier tone. This sacrifices some chime and bell, however becomes more adept for heavier chording/rhythm playing and thicker sounding single notes..

The DC resistance is almost double of traditional single coils (due to extra winds and stronger magnets) however, the overall output is still manageable and easily balanced with the neck and middle pickups. There are some compromise in the inbetween position, however, this is a trade off you will have to decide upon in favour for thicker and more sustaining bridge lead tones.

Sound Samples


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