Railhammer HUEVOS 90 Humcutter Bridge

The hits keep on coming from Railhammer, with the latest addition to the Humcutter range.


Bridge position

MAGNET – Ceramic

Measured DC – 15.32 K Ohms


Based on the Nuevo 90 (review here –https://electricpickupartist.wordpress.com/2016/02/29/railhammer-pickups-nuevo-90-humcutter/) the aptly titled Huevos 90 …adds some extra balls.

In comparison, these have a noticeable roll off and smoothing of the high end frequencies + emphasis in the lower mid.

Althou a little darker, clean tones still retain sufficient chime in the top end, thou in design, not as clean and bright as the Nuevo model. When presented with a nice dollop of gain, the Huevos 90 feels right at home, perfect for fat and punchy  rhythms, heavy riffing and compressed creamy  lead playing.


Sound Samples:


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