Railhammer pickups – Billy Corgan Signature Humcutter Set



Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins

Homer Simpson, smiling politely.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, this review focuses on the Billy Corgan Signature Humcutter pickup set, by Railhammer pickups.




MAGNET – Ceramic


Measured DC : 13.23K ohms


Measured DC : 7.58K ohms


i’ve now had the pleasure of  reviewing just about all of the new Humcutter range (see previous blog posts) and whilst the Nuevo 90 and Cleancut sets have subtle differences in EQ , the Billy Corgan signature set exhibits a rather distinct tonal quality.

The neck pickup retains the more classic P90 vibe, with just a slight exaggeration in the top end. The highs chime away, without encroaching ice-pick territory and the low end retains sufficient  girth to fill out the body.

The bridge position brings some mid poke back into the mix, particularly useful for scooped amp/speaker combinations …but try this in combination with something like a big muff pi or superfuzz, notorious for its signature mid scoop character,  and the benefits become…clear. On a flat clean channel, the mid hump may be too much for some, but take this into account as a variable, along with of your amps tone stack, eq controls + choice of speaker.

The combination of both pickups together is pretty much a match made in heaven, with many shades of  tones  available with just a flick of a pickup selector and vol/tone controls.

The benefits of the Railhammer design + “hum” free character round these pickups  off as a very versatile set, capable of handling a huge range of moods…from politely smiling to pumpkin smashing.








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