Seymour Duncan CUSTOM SHOP Custom Custom Custom

This review is for a pickup that was a build request direct to the Seymour Duncan Custom shop,  built to the same specifications as the humbucker found in a particular Godin electric guitar.


You may be wondering about the abundance of  the word “Custom” in the title, but a brief explanation of the Custom series by Seymour Duncan, may make more sense…

Models :

Custom – Ceramic Magnet

Custom Custom – Alnico II Magnet

Custom 5 – Alnico 5 Magnet

Custom/59 Hybrid = Alnico 5 Magnet

Custom Custom Custom??? essentially and quite possibly a different magnet in the Custom Custom model, however the tone reminds me closest of the Custom 5 …a chunky PAF on steroids, with a nice bright and clear cutting character, particularly when used with distortion.

Measured DC resistance – 14.44k ohms

Sound Sample



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