Railhammer pickups Cleancut HUMCUTTER set

The  Cleancut set is part of the new range from Railhammer pickups, aptly titled HUMCUTTER for its hum free characteristics.



Magnet – Ceramic

Bridge Measured DC – 8.12 K ohms

Neck Measured DC – 7.15K ohms

4 Conductor wiring

(not advisable to be wired for coil split, as these are dedicated  for each independent rail and pole sections in a series configuration. Parallel wiring of the coils could be an option)

The Cleancut share very similiar characteristics to the Nuevo 90 (previously reviewed here – https://wordpress.com/post/electricpickupartist.wordpress.com/675)

On paper, these appear to have less winds, and the tonal outcome results  in slightly less output and brighter top end.

Its a safe bet to assume, the Cleancut is the updated version of the Tel-90 design (previously reviewed here – https://wordpress.com/post/electricpickupartist.wordpress.com/355)  which were already fantastic pickups that could handle a wide variety of playing styles, but these updated Humcutter design are a welcome improvement in terms of usability.

Having tested the Cleancut in both a Les Paul set neck mahogany bodied style guitar, and a Strat maple neck, i personally feel the Cleancut set are better suited to the latter, if one is chasing more twang from a 25.5 scale length bolt-on setup.

That is not to say these aren’t suited to the former, as the Cleancut set also fair well for heavier distortion settings in both styles of instruments. The lower cleaner output just allows your amplifier or gain source do a bit more of the work

So which would you choose over the Nuevo 90 and Cleancut?  my personal choice is :

Cleancut for strat/tele style bolt on instruments if you are after more twang and/or brighter cleaner lower output pickups in set neck mahogany instruments


Nuevo 90 for more midrange grind and a rawer tone, with slightly more output to push your amplifier.

Sound Sample



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