Railhammer Pickups Nuevo 90 HUMCUTTER set

The Nuevo 90 set is part of a new range of pickups for Railhammer (taking over the now discontinued H-90 series) with the promise of P90 tone…without the hum…



MAGNET – Ceramic

Neck : Measured DC – 7.88K ohms

Bridge : Measured DC – 9.2K ohms

4 conductor wire (not advisable to be wired for coil split, as these are dedicated  for each independent rail and pole sections in a series configuration. Parallel wiring of the coils could be an option)

As a huge fan of the previous H90 Gnarly 90 set (reviewed here – https://electricpickupartist.wordpress.com/2015/06/09/railhammer-pickups-gnarly-90-h-90-set/ ) the news of its discontinuation was  somewhat met with part disapointment + part excitement as to what design guru Joe Naylor has been working on.

The cool aspect of having  one  rail under a group of low strings / poles under the group of high strings (vs 2 rows in a humbucker) gives a very nice single coil nature.

The great news is…the Nuevo 90 has the same vibe as the Gnarly 90, just slightly refined in the upper high end frequency peaks.The beefy body and upper mid cut are still present, resulting in a magical best of both worlds scenario. Chimey,sparkly cleans and smoother crunchy overdrive.

More comparisons to the Gnarly 90…which were already fairly quiet for a single coil/P90 design…these Nuevo 90s are HUM FREE!!!!!!!!! a godsend for anyone who enjoys dollops of gain and/or plays in unpredictable environments/recording settings.


Topped off with the new off set rail/pole aesthetics…i have a feeling that these are going to sell like hotcakes.

Sound samples –







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