Seymour Duncan SH-2 Jazz Neck Humbucker

Having used the SH-2 Jazz Neck Humbucker for over the course of 10 years, i thought it might be time to add this to the list of reviews…


Magnet – Alnico V

Measured DC – 7.55K ohms

4 wire conductor

Guitars –

PRS Standard 24 (All Mahogany set neck)

PRS CE24 (Alder body bolt on maple neck)


These are fairly bright pickups, with a clear and sparkly top end. There’s also a generous low end, giving the pickup a nice warm character and body.

With extended highs + lows and a scooped midrange, this neck pickup sounds great for crystal clear clean tones. The top end detail is just superb.

With the higher levels of crunch, these are super smooth, with just a hint of grit in the top end under higher levels of gain. However, i found results varied between a maple neck/bolt on vs set neck mahogany configurations, the latter leaning towards boomy and muddy if one is not too careful with eq and pickup heights.

Overall…a very nice neck humbucker to pair with many bridge pickups. Personally…i tend to favour the 59 model for its “creamy-ness” under gain, but i feel the Jazz pickups have the upper hand on pure clean tones.

Sound sample –



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