PRS DRAGON 1 Humbucker Set

Old pickups that are no longer made…the PRS Dragon 1 are pretty much unobtainable at a “reasonable” used price.

Chance had it, i had a set passed through my workbench, going into its original guitar, a 90’s PRS Custom 22, replacing an aftermarket PRS 57/08 set.




Bridge Humbucker (Treble pickup)

Measured DC – 19.10K ohms

Magnet – Ceramic

Neck Humbucker – (Bass pickup)

Measured DC – 8.08K ohms

Magner – Alnico



Compared to the 57/08’s that were previously in the same guitar the Dragons are noticeably hotter, particularly the bridge humbucker.

The bridge pickup really slams the front end of an amplifier, with its aggressive top end giving plenty of cut. These are really great pickups for high gain lead playing with the guitars volume on 10 and sound great for crunchy rhythms with the guitar’s volume control rolled back (treble bleed cap a must)

The Neck pickup is nice and chimey, with a somewhat fat single coil vintage vibe…not overly bassy or muddy under high gain.

Both pickups are somewhat bright (without any tone control, this guitar was wired with a sweet switch for taking out some highs), but do remain clear and articulate under gain, even when using overdrive and boost pedals down the chain. All positions on the 5 way rotary (parallel single coils, single coil series, inner/outer combinations) sound great with high gain, with the only downside being that the in between positions sounding much lower output, when playing clean.

I would say that these Dragon I Pickups also share a very similar vibe to another set of stock PRS pickups, the HFS (Hot Fat and Screams) and Vintage Bass, a pickup set I’ve used  in 2 previous PRS guitars. The Dragon I’s do feel much more crisp, clear and articulate under high gain. They also remind me a lot of a set of Seymour Duncan’s i’m very fond of in another PRS, the 59/Custom hybrid and Jazz set (reviewd here –  but these Dragon 1 just have that very sweet top end characteristics to them that are fitting for achieving that “PRS lead tone”

Sound Sample





4 thoughts on “PRS DRAGON 1 Humbucker Set

  1. Man back in the day I got it really cheap at Sam ash. They found it in old stock. So I have it in a custom explorer. I think I only paid like 60 bucks


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