DIMARZIO PAF7 Humbucker Set

From Dimarzio, a low ouput PAF style Humbucker,  with adjustments to account for 7 string guitars extended range and/or down tuning.


Magnet – Ceramic

4 Conductor wiring

Measured DC

Bridge Humbucker – 7.05K ohms

Neck Humbucker – 6.80K ohms

The Neck Humbucker has very similiar creamy,smooth and silky characteristics to a traditional PAF, especially for lead playing, which balance really well with the crisper/brighter and cutting Bridge Humbucker. Utilising both pickups (middle position) results in a very pleasing outcome on a distorted setting, something i enjoyed much more with the PAF7s, compared to the same setting with hotter output HBs.

Clean and split combination tones also exhibited nice chime and top end characteristics and overall the PAF7s have a nice clarity and detail to them.

On their own, they may be lacking a bit or initially feel underwhelming compared to hotter HBs… but the beauty of the lower output means, you can let your other gain stages do more of the work.

After some tweaking and adjustments (ie using an overdrive or boost pedal to further drive the amp or…using a higher gain setting on the amp) i feel that these PAF7s are a great slate for many styles of guitar playing.

Sound Sample –


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