Railhammer pickups – Bob Balch Signature Bridge Humbucker


A collaboration between Railhammer pickups and Fu Manchu’s Bob Balch, this signature model features some custom changes to the Chisel model platform (previously reviewed here – https://electricpickupartist.wordpress.com/2015/11/10/railhammer-pickups-chisel-humbucker/)


Bridge Humbucker

Magnet Type – Ceramic

Measured DC – 13.40K ohms

4 conductor wiring

Brass Cover + Baseplate



Fu Manchu is one of those legendary bands, associated with the stoner rock sound…but these pickups also  sound amazing clean. Very versatile, with nice harmonics and top end chime. Even with just a little bit of crunch they will AC/DC all night long…

But the obvious test for these comes to usage with heavily fuzzed out, sludged out, wall of sound doom tones. Using classic fuzz pedals where the mid scooped EQ characteristic (ie big muff, superfuzz etc) can give off the illusion of extended bottom end, but the mid scoop can be somewhat a crux for a guitar in a band mix.

The thick midrange voicing from the Bob Balch signature somewhat assist in balancing out the tone in these applications, but with a more balanced to mid-high amp eq or pedal setting…adds some serious punch and balls.

I have had the opportunity now to spend time with several Railhammer pickup designs and one thing has stood out with all of them…clarity and definition under a healthy dollop of distortion. These do just that, exceptionally well.

Sound Samples –











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