Railhammer pickups – ANVIL BRIDGE HUMBUCKER

DSC01315 DSC01316

Picking up from where the Chisel left off (reviewed here – https://electricpickupartist.wordpress.com/2015/11/10/railhammer-pickups-chisel-humbucker/), Railhammer pickups winds the Anvil up a notch.


Bridge Humbucker

MAGNET – Ceramic

Measured DC – 15.20K ohms

4 Conductor wiring


Whilst these aren’t that much higher output compared to the Chisel (website indicates +15%)  the difference is immediately noticeable, particularly in terms of low end tightness, with a slight  notch in the mids (not overly scooped). These do retain a similar character in the top end with the Chisel, but with just a more compressed feel and slightly less chime.

Railhammer’s website suggest these for fans of the Seymour Duncan JB  humbucker…and whilst i can hear some similarities, the mid/high eq feels like it has a nicer top end roll off. not overly bright, but just enough to cut through.

well worth a look into, especially if you enjoy  percussive response from aggressive string attack and chunky palm mutes, with the benefits of string clarity under high gain.

Comparison with the Chisel


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