Railhammer pickups – CHISEL BRIDGE HUMBUCKER


Railhammer pickups Chisel…


Bridge Humbucker

Magnet – CERAMIC

Measured DC – 13.44K ohms

4 Conductor wiring

My “generalised” experiences with many pickups (owned and tested) featuring Ceramic magnets, falls into the love/hate category.

The Chisel falls into the former,

With Medium-ish output, enough headroom to allow cleans to stay crystal clear, a nice tight bottom, bold mid punch and top end character that isn’t overly brash or harsh, these are catered towards the hard rock/heavy metal players.

Now, upper mids and extended highs  can sometimes be associated with the term “icepick to the forehead”, and whilst these can sound on the brighter side when playing on your own, these frequencies are just right for cutting through, especially in a band or recorded mix featuring a heavily distorted sound.  Tuning down a full step…and beyond, is where the Chisel’s mix of eq and design shine through.

What I really enjoyed the most, is the Chisels ability to handle dynamics, particularly with shifting the picking hands attack and utilising the guitars volume control.  As a fan of setting up an amp crunch channel and rolling the guitars volume to clean  up +  using Overdrive and fuzz pedals to boost into heavier territory, the Chisel seemed to handle all shades of gain, with clarity


Chisel vs Anvil comparison

Anvil Review – https://electricpickupartist.wordpress.com/2015/11/16/railhammer-pickups-anvil-bridge-humbucker/


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