Railhammer Pickups – ALNICO GRANDE Bridge Humbucker

Railhammer pickups updates the age old PAF design with the Alnico Grande Humbucker model.



MAGNET – Alnico 5

4 conductor cable

Measured DC – 14.9K ohms


Vintage PAF with a modern twist, just like the Hyper Vintage model reviewed previously (link  here)

The Alnico Grande winds things up a notch… and the differences were immediately noticeable on my test amps clean channel.

This bridge pickup gives a slightly compressed attack, but just enough to still retain an “open-ness” to chords. If you are a fan of verge of breakup and “off-clean” tones , this is well worth a look.

What really distinguishes the Alnico Grande is the top end, which exhibits a softer and rounder roll off AND a very focused lower midrange bump.

This recipe results IMO in a great platform for building upon a heavy rhythm sound, plus also wringing out that last bit of high end on an amplifier, for sweet singing top end leads…without the harsh  icepick to the forehead frequencies.

You know the saying “they don’t make them like the used to” …

Well, we are in the 21st century now and with Railhammer having recently (and rightfully) securing a patent for their unique pickup design…guitarist should look forward to a clearer future of tone!


Some sound clips –


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