GFS GOLD FOILS (ALNICO) Single Coil Neck and Humbucker Bridge

GFS’s ( modern adaptation and tribute to the “Gold Foil” Pickups.

Having no experience with the old vintage DeArmond/Teisco models of yesteryear, nor any desire to gamble on a thrashed/junk “vintage” guitar fitted with these “odd” shaped and constructed designs,these cheap humbucker sized offerings (also available in Soapbar) from GFS, certainly fill a nice/niche “void”.

I opted for the Alnico versions, a single coil in the neck, and a humbucker in the bridge, but there are several different models available to choose from on the website (



Neck Single Coil (in humbucker sized format)

MAGNET – Alnico

Measured DC – 5.78K Ohms

2 Conductor Cable

Bridge Humbucker

MAGNET – Alnico

Measured DC – 6.12K Ohms

4 Conductor Cable

GFS dont claim to be an exact replication construction wise “Our Gold Foils leave the forty year old cheapo construction in the garbage” but do claim “can and dial in the exact LOOK and FEEL and TONE and VIBE of the originals,”

Having previously stated, this was my first experience with anything “Gold Foil” related, so we shall review these alnico magnet fitted pickups with an open mind.


Neck (Single Coil)

Warm, and boosted low end with just enough top end to cut through for chord definition (using 500K pots). Much Fatter than a strat neck, and more low end and a different vibe than a neck P90.

Bridge (Humbucker – wired with a toggle for coils in series/parallel)

Bright, cutting, aggressive top end. Not much low end at all, fares very well when going through walls of heavy fuzz/distortion when wanting clarity. Gets a brassy/gnarly vibe and would love to explore some alternate/slide playing with these.

With the humbbuckers coils in parallel, you lose some fatness and output, but gain some more clarity, which is a nice useful feature to have.

Both neck and bridge pickups together are quite a nice blend.

Recommended if you are seeking something to add to you tonal palette.



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