ENTWISTLE AS 57 Single Coil Set

Entwistle Pickups take on the age old traditional single coil design.



MAGNET – Alnico 5 poles

Scatterwound and RW/RP for inbetween middle position hum cancelling_

Measured DC

Neck – 6.47K ohms

Middle – 6.49K ohms

Bridge – 6.49K ohms


Having already tested out a few Entwistle pickups, and being a fan of their models with Neodymium magnets (see previous blog posts)  I was quite curious about these “vintage spec’d” offerings. As most people are aware, replacement/aftermarket single coil sets available from various manufacturers today varies from …not very little to …over $100+ per pickup.

How do these fare and how much value for money do you get for around $100AUD a set?

Very well….and  you can place these in the  “absolute value/bang for buck” category.

All 3 pickups are nicely balanced and provide everything i love (and hate) about a Strat, from the nice warm and soft low end, sparkling crystal highs, mid range quack …to the bright cutting treble.

Compared to the slightly hotter Entwistle XS62N (review here https://electricpickupartist.wordpress.com/2015/03/24/entwistle-xs62n-noiseless-single-coil-set/) the AS57 are just a tad bit brighter and cutting, but any adjustments to the top end can be rolled off or adjusted with your guitars tone control (seperate tone control for the  bridge pickup = icepick to the forehead lifesaver on all strats IMO)


Demo sounds –


2 thoughts on “ENTWISTLE AS 57 Single Coil Set

    1. Hi David,
      it all depends on what you define as “best tone”

      the higher the value of the cap, the more treble is rolled off as the pot is turned down.
      the Lower the value of the cap, the less treble is rolled off as you turn the tone pot down down

      standard stock values are .022uf or .047uf but if you find that too muddy too early in the tone pot range, i’d recommend testing out really low values around 2200pF, 3300pF, 4700pF, 6800pF.
      get some aligator clips and see how it interacts with the tone control.

      none of this matters if you never turn the control down thou.
      good luck


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