These humbuckers are PAF style…and apparenly “wound to the same specification as given to Trevor Wilkinson by the creator of the humbucking pickup design, Seth Lover himself” Found stock in a Vintage (the brand, not to be confused with an actual old expensive Gibson) VS6 SG copy, listed as MWVC, however are marked as WVC, with further suffix indicating neck or bridge position and/or covered colours, on the wilkinson website.


Magnet – Alnico V

Measured DC Neck – 8.6K ohms

Measured DC Bridge – 9.4K ohms


Bridge humbucker tones suit the SG perfectly! nice and chimey in the top end, and clarity when ringing out chords.Cutting, but not in an overly icepick to the forehead way. Really enjoyed this pickup, in this guitar. Neck humbucker however falls a bit short when it comes to chord definition and riffing, and exhibits a bit of  ratty/harsh characteristic.  Does an ok job for single notes/bends. I feel this lets down the overall sound when both humbuckers are selected. Noted – No microphonics or undesirable squealing present in either humbucker pickups.

Demo (aquired the guitar used, has not been setup and restrung)


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