GFS Dream 90 and Dream 180 Pickups

I’ve been using the Dream 90 neck pickup previously in a telecaster parts build, however, when my friend Matt was in need of some pickups, i decided to donate them/pass them on (i had received them for free previously from another awesome local/fellow gasser…thanks Ray!)

These pickups produced a nice warm, yet clear top end in a GFS paulwonia tele body (which was further modified for a deluxe layout)


Matt also wanted a chunky,yet chimey sounding bridge pickup, and i recommended the Dream 180 without hesitation. GFS website describes them as a mix of warm/fat vintage PAF’s and chimey/jangly filertrons and i do recall these as good sounding humbuckers, with a nice top end bite (I had previously used the Soapbar 180 Vintage bridge, which is essentially the Dream 180, in soapbar size) in a previous modified white Squier Vintage Modified –¬† so we snuck in a joint order direct from to save on the postage from US to Australia.



Dream 90 – humbucker sized P90 Neck position

Magnet – Unknown

Measured DC – 7.8K ohms

Dream 180 – Bridge humbucker position

Magnet – Alnico V

Measured DC – 9.04K ohms


Rather than attempt to describe the pickups through guitar and amps that i am unfamiliar with, my friend Matt put his hand up as a guinea pig, and kindly goes through some of the sounds, with these pickups installed into his Epiphone SG, through his VHT amp+2×12 setup.


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