Danelectro Hodad – Lipstick Pickups


Late 90’s Hodad by Danelectro. Guitar is semi solid, semi hollow design, fusing masonite and plywood. very lightweight!

the pickups? a Lipstick design of sorts, 2 single coils cased and sharing a baseplate as per humbuckers.

Both mounted on a slight. but matching angle.

Magnet type – Unknown

The switching options (2 push pull knobs) allow the coils to be split as well as phase reversed when the middle position is selected.

A very enjoyable guitar, with these lipstick pickup providing a lovely variety of  warm tones on the neck and middle positions. Coil splitting provides a brighter,tighter and snappier option, whilst the phase reversal is honky,tonky and nasally funky. Bridge humbucker provides adequate clang, but just too low output in the split setting…a minor achillies heel.

Clean and mid gain demo

For shits and giggles…bridge humbucker with a lot of gain piled on…


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