From Entwistle Pickups, the XS62N are  high output single coils using neodymium magnets – “Our most powerful single coil pickup. Using 6 hard nickel poles and neodymium magnets the XS62N has been given HDN (High Definition Neodymium) technology for great definition and very high output whilst still rendering those treasured single coil tones.”


*One thing to keep in mind is the depth of these pickups are a bit taller, It shouldn’t be an issue, but with various strat bodies and copies around, just check your guitars rout depth to be sure they can be accommodated.


Neck – Measured DC 7.8K ohms

Middle – Measured DC 7.6K ohms

Bridge – Measured DC – 10.2K ohms

Clear – check

Articulate – check

Chimey, Spanky and Sparkle in the top end?…  the XS62 don’t seem to have much high end roll off or any hint of muddiness,

Entwistle are really on a winner with this design.

EDIT – actually initially wrote this review with the assumption that N = Noiseless…but …not to be confused with the N in the ASN 57 model, the N these stand for Neodymium. Regardless, i very much like these pickups a lot…and still very much am not a fan of noiseless single coils. these don’t seem as noisey handling higher amounts of crunch and gain , compared to my more vintage voiced/designed single coils in a more traditional strat.



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