Seven String version of the High output Darkstar humbuckers from UK’s Entwistle Pickups.




Bridge Humbucker

Measured DC – 18.42K ohms

Neck Humbucker

Measured DC- 14,56K ohms

both 4 conductor wire

dual screw pole

Having previously tested the ND (Neodymium) magnet,  6 string version of the Darkstar, these  ceramic magnet versions seemed like a good choice for replacement 7 string pickups.


First minor hurdle involved in the install process, required some modifying of the humbucker baseplates, as unfortunately the corners made them a tad oversized to fit into the curved humbucker body rout of an Ibanez RG7321. This may not be an issue for your guitar, depending on the mount design, but something to take into account. It is a very simple job that only required the corners of base plate to be filed rounder, a task made even easier with the use of a power grinder.

Once the pickups were installed, and wired up,these humbuckers welcome a healthy dose of high gain.

A bit darker than the Neodymium versions, the bridge position feels hot and crunchy. I dare say, cleans are not its strong point. With plenty of output to push your amps front end into more compression and sustain, these are pickups catered for the heavier playing styles of modern metal and shred.

Neck position  does a better job at clean and warmer tones. Distorted settings  are surprisingly clear, without getting too mushy or muddy, which is a quite an unusual trait for a neck humbucker.

Single note picking and smooth lead tones on the neck position balance nicely with the more aggressive and biting bridge position. When wired with the standard ibanez 5 way switching, a palette of tonal options are opened , from crisp split series/parallel tones for funkier, sharper attack, brighter cleans and backed off medium gain settings.


Overall, a fairly decent pickup, with a much noticable improvement over the stock ibanez humbuckers. I would be all ears at the possibility of a  neodymium magnet option.

Demo clips

Compared to a Seymour Duncan Pegasus – Bridge humbucker


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