Darkstar model equipped with a Neodymium Magnet, hence the additional ND suffix on the end of the name.

Neodymium…also known as Rare Earth, are powerful, efficient and extremely stable magnets, with a strong magnetic field to weight ratio. These are more commonly used in speakers, where size and weight are an important factor.

This however, isn’t really a major selling point for magnet materials in a pickup, as Alnico and Ceramic can already generate enough string pull, especially if you have your pickups set high. I’d imagine simply replacing a similiar sized magnet with a Neodymium bar would not only yield higher output, but sacrifice sustain.

Can the strenght of Neodymium, be harnest in some sort of intricate, non traditional pickup design?





Measured DC – 16.2K Ohms


Measured DC – 16K Ohms

both 4 conductor wire

Dual pole design

This is my second encounter with pickups from the UK based Entwistle. The first being the Nemesis, which excelled at crunch and high gain distortion. These Darkstar ND appear to be catered for those that want that notch kicked up some.

Compared to the Nemesis, these have an extended low and high end emphasis, but not so much that the mids sound scooped.

darkstar tele

My preference for the Darkstar ND, were towards a pickup height a bit higher than flush to the pickguard, noting a nice balanced output between  the neck and bridge positions. Nice and fat, yet tight, handlng high gain with lower tunings and heavy rhythms with ease. My tele deluxe style partscaster, with an overly warm/resonant GFS Paulwonia body was transformed into a stealthly modern heavy metal axe.

Clean tones are crystal clear with high headroom, with the Neck Darkstar ND being very comparable to the Seymour Duncan Jazz Neck humbucker… just a tad more bolder and crisper, without sounding stiff or sterile. Wiring up the coils to be selectable between series/parallel also yielded some nice tonal variations, on both clean and heavy gain.


Compared to the Nemesis (Ceramic)  Both Models set at similiar heights


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