Acquired a loaded pickguard for a tele parts build and decided to loot these pickups for the “beater” guitar.

Unlike the Custom Tele II which sports Duncan Designed P90s (which are great pickups on a fantastic guitar) theres not much info available one these, other than they are “high-output”


Bridge Humbucker

Measured DC – 14.5K ohms

Neck Humbucker

Measured DC – 13.8K ohms

Both 2 conductor wiring

Wax potted with chrome covers.

If you look closely at one of the pickups, it appears to have the word F#CK scribbed in.



Installed in my trusty beater guitar, a 20+ year old Samick body (my first electric guitar) that was refinished in my teenage years,whilst having access to an uncle’s panel beater shop  Althou Honda jazz purple 2pak paint is not the most desired finish for guitar body resonance, I’ll point out that this body is constructed out of chipboard.

Coupled with the neck from a Vintage Modified Tele Custom (same model as the loaded pickguard, but purchased on 2 separate occasions and locations) these pickups are surprisingly a good match.


Squier hasn’t been a dirty word in my mind, at least for the past few years.  Althou the bottom of the line models may require a lot of work, most of the Vintage modified & Classic vibe series have required minimal setup work, tweaking or hardware upgrades to get rocking.

Whilst no one in their right mind would install these pickups in their prized US Fender , Gibson etc…you can coax tones out of these pickups, with microphonic feedback and squealing not appearing until you reach extreme levels of gain.

Neck Humbucker is on the warmer, muddier side of things, may benefit from up’ing pots to 1MEG.

Demo Clips


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