These humbuckers can be found off ebay, labelled as “Tron-a-like” “Tron-looking” “Toaster” or “Retro” pickups in the listing.

Purchased these, partly out of curiosity, but purely for cosmetic reasons. Priced at around $50 a pair, decided to take the gamble.

  • Alnico V magnets
  • 4 Conductor cable. 
  • Bridge DC – measured at 17.7K ohms 
  • Neck DC – measured at 8.5K ohms

So as expected, there was nothing fancy about the construction of these pickups, standard humbucker design with a cool looking chrome cover. Some digging around leads me to believe that they are manufactured by Artec, But you can also find these covers being sold, so who knows what you might get.

Tested and Installed in 2 different “beater” guitars

Samick Strat body/Squier Tele neck frankencaster


and a Ibanez GAX30


Bridge Humbucker – HOT HOT HOT! bright and aggressive treble content. (Split – thin and weak)

Neck Humbucker – WARM but leaning towards the muddy side (Split – thin and weak)

Not the most well balanced Pair which requires some adjusting ,  but both pickups are quite nice for cleaner playing.

for anything with crunch or gain, they do an adequate job in terms of clarity and note seperation on chords,,.and didnt exhibit any hints of microphonic’s or squealing feedback until you reached extreme levels of metal gain.


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