Having the Custom 5 (SH-14) as the longtime bridge humbucker in my PRS Standard 24, with a 59 Humbucker being a favourite in a Les Paul, I simply had to try this hybrid offering from Seymour Duncan.

59 screw  side coil with thicker gauge wiring paired with a Custom slug side coils with thinner gauge …sounds a mismatch that could really bring out some complex overtones.



ALNICO V magnet

Measured DC –11.47K ohms

This required some magnet flipping in order to work with the PRS 5 way rotary switching

(in order to get the inner and outer coils to be north+ south combinations as well as other factors that will be explained in a more detailed post)


The 59/Custom Hybrid  leans towards the upper midrange and brighter side (not as bright and spikey as a SD JB Model)

It works great with the PRS standard 24 (all mahogany) and to date, my favourite bridge position humbucker in this guitar.


Paired with another long time favourite, a Seymour Duncan Jazz Neck Humbucker, here are some different tonal options


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