Extreme offering from Dimarzio. Possibly one of their oldest, highest output production passive humbucker.




Measured DC – 15.8K ohms

4 conductor Cable

Dual Blade design that is not for the faint hearted, this pickup excels at pushing the front end of your amp into crunchy overdrive and searing high gain.

Hot and lots of harmonics. Great for goosing Low to Mid gain amps into hard rock & metal territory, however somewhat overkill if you already have a compressed high gain tone. I’m personally more of a fan of using low to medium output pickups and letting the amp do most of the work + utilising pedals to boost over the top. You can only pummel the front end of your amps input so much, before losing dynamics.

Split coil tones on this however, are excellent.

Sound samples of Clean, Crunch and Lead on an ESP/LTD EC256

Comparison with a Seymour Duncan Custom 5 and Duncan Designed “JB” Equilavent.



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