Hands up…who is a Fan of Richie Kotzen? (Solo,Poison, Mr.Big, The Winery Dogs) Now that we’ve  gotten that out of the way. this pickup set  won’t give you the playing and songwriting abiliites of the aforementioned guitar master, but it does allow you to cover a spectrum of genres, from blues to pop, rock, hard rock metal, jazz, fusion…and beyond.

Chopper T Bridge (tele sized humbucker)



CERAMIC MAGNET 4 Conductor wire

Measured DC – 9.2K ohms

This is not a traditional bridge tele sound, so country purists may be offended with it dual rail, dual coil, noiseless design. Think…less twang, more low mid and low end chunk. There’s just something about this pickup, mounted to the tele bridge design with a nice dollop of gain that I love! Coil splitting allows a crisper, cleaner voicing, which on a gained up amp, works great for toning down and adding some clarity.

Twang King neck (tele neck single coil)

twang king

ALNICO V MAGNET 2 Conductor wire

Measured DC – 6.2K ohms

Big cleans and nice crunch. great alternative to a traditional  tele neck with some strat like qualities (bit softer and warmer). Nice dynamic range in response to your picking dynamics. These pickups wired up in a 4 way switch offers a ton of tonal options*


  • Bridge humbucker – fat chunky rhythms, cutting leads
  • Bridge + neck in parallel – lower gain inbetween sound
  • Neck single coil – clean and warm
  • Bridge + Neck in series – fat lead solo tone.

*even more options if you have a switch or toggle wired to coil split the bridge chopperT.


(Frankencaster – MIM Neck+HWY1 Body, custom front forearm contour and rear belly carve+refinished by myself)

Quite simply, if you like the look and hardware of a traditional tele, but want a more diverse, modern and heavier sound…highly recommend the Chopper T and Twang King set.




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